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The message of the president

We established our foundation in order to eliminate the lack of information about dyslexia in our country, to raise awareness in this field and to explain it to the society correctly.

We think that the most appropriate definition is “dyslexia is not a disease but an academic problem” and we want to make this idea known throughout the country. For this reason, we lose many Albert Einsteins, Thomas Edisons, Walt Disneys during their school days because neither the educators nor their families are aware of it.

Our people are afraid to even express this situation; because they live with the memorization that this is a disease or even a mental retardation. Specific learning disabilities are not known to occur in people of normal or even higher intelligence. Therefore, our primary goal is to explain that this is not a disease; and then to spread the world-class education that our children need and to increase the awareness of our adults throughout the country.

Due to these needs, our foundation offers to our children with special learning difficulties and perception differences; It aims to create the right educational infrastructure for their future in the academic field, to provide psychological support, to bring families together to find solutions to their problems, and to raise awareness across the country by looking at the picture as a whole.

Let's support the future together!

Elif Yavuz

"During my school years I used to feel pretty exhausted and discouraged. It was a terrible feeling to feel completely excluded from class or at the very end of the race."

                                 Winston Churchill / Statesman

Always Do Your Part



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